Where we come from and where we want to go

2023 - Our story continues and we are going big on zero-party data this year. This article is about our story so far and our goals for the future.

How it started

Our Co-founder and CEO, Jan-Georg, started Unidy five years ago, in 2018. Jan-Georg, started Unidy together with former Sport1 Managing Director Raoul Hess, as well as Pascal Friederich and Norman Timmler, who prior to Unidy founded the software agency Njiuko, among others. Formerly working in the sports industry, Jan-Georg developed digital transformation strategies for many clubs as well as associations and executed many data and digital revenue projects. Knowing all the pain points about digital transformation, the need for a centralised fan account solution emerged. This is also why Unidy was initially named “FanConnect”. After expanding the industry scope the company got rebranded to UNIDY. Having helped multiple companies, clubs and associations on digital transformation in the past, we experienced that data sovereignty is THE key for digital success. That’s why UNIDY was started.

Creating a world of digital autonomy

The basic idea is that brands enable their users getting ownership over their user data and autonomously share relevant data and transparently opt into preferred services. As tech giants like Alphabet, Meta or Tiktok gain tremendous amounts of user data each year, their walled gardens lock revenue potential for organizations. It is becoming increasingly complex and expensive for brands to convert users into customers and monetise them effectively. We identified clubs, athletes, and associations, some of which have millions of followers without actual data ownership. We believe it’s about time to return profit margins from tech giants to the brands! The idea of Unidy originated out of the sports world, however we soon realised this recognised potential lies not only in the sports business, but also in other segments like publishing, real estate, health care or events. We want to enable any brand to seamlessly collect, centralise and monetise zero- and first party user data by connecting single service silos though one central brand account and Single-Sign-On. 

Unidy enables the existing data from the various sources to be merged into one user account. Additionally the user account serves as an unified login for all services and tools of the brand platform. This massively increases the user and brand experience. The brand learns more about its customers and can address them specifically with suitable offers.

Our goals

In 2023, our main focus is on driving sustainable growth in all the industries we are already working with, like sports, publishing, tourism, real estate, health care and events. 

Additionally, we will enter new industries in order to offer data ownership to as many companies and users as possible. Constantly we will improve our client service by helping our clients to keep up with the data evolution, setting up and market zero- and first-party data campaigns and increase their digital revenues. To achieve these goals, we continue  integrating tools and services that we believe will help our clients improve their best-of-breed infrastructure. We believe that implementing a zero- and first-party data strategy is the most powerful way to strengthen customer relationships and drive business growth. This type of data can be extremely valuable for businesses, as it allows them to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences, and to deliver more relevant and personalised experiences. We believe that a zero- and first party data strategy is the ultimate way to supercharge your customer or fan relationship.

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Written by
Kilian Pöhling

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