What is a Single-Sign-On and why is it important?

Unidy enables Single-Sign-On to provide a unified login experience for users across one or multiple brand platforms. But what is Single-Sign-On and why is it important at all?

A Single-Sign-On (SSO) is a technology that allows users to login in multiple applications or websites using a single set of credentials – Basically there is no need for creating a user account for every new website or app, since everything is unified. A Single-Sign-On offers several benefits.

Decreasing need for multiple passwords

Managing all passwords can be complicated and confusing. The SSO eliminates this difficulty and unifies the login. A single login and password is all that is needed to access all connected services. Users no longer have to remember different login details, but only their central authentication method (e.g. password or passwordless methods).

Stronger digitalisation

Digital transformation requires companies to look at their operations from a digital perspective. The SSO is the padlock that guarantees the integrity of the information and data stored and processed by the company. In this way, it fits perfectly with the requirements of today's and tomorrow's businesses.

Improved user experience

On the one hand, the SSO saves users time through automatic or 1-click login, but on the other hand, it can be annoying for users if they forget passwords and fail to log in. It can also lead to stressful situations, such as wanting to attend a meeting but not being able to. These problems can be solved with an SSO by improving the use of systems and devices in general and making logging in less time-consuming.

Increased productivity

Today, users increasingly need speed and continuity to carry out their activities with greater efficiency and agility. Thus, managing access requests manually is a process that frustrates users. With the SSO authentication, the need for manual supervision by the IT team is eliminated, allowing immediate access to countless applications and systems with a single click. In other words, it increases the productivity of the company and saves time for both users and supervisors.

Increased network security

SSO increases security in access management. The solution provides real-time information about which users have accessed applications (time and location) so IT teams can act quickly to protect the integrity of systems, meaning SSO increases the security capabilities of organisations. The SSO can also be combined with MFA (multi-factor authentication), which provides an additional layer of security and facilitates password recovery when needed.

Ensuring the GDPR compliance of companies

Data protection is a very important issue. Therefore, it is crucial that companies ensure that they comply with GDPR guidelines. SSO simplifies the process of data protection by combining multiple logins into one.

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