What is a White Label Solution and why is it beneficial?

Unidy is a White-Label Identity Solution. But what does that actually mean and what are the advantages of a white-label solution?

Unidy is a White-Label Identity Solution. But what does that actually mean and what are the advantages of a white-label solution?

White-label technology is a pre-built licensed software product that one provider develops and another company modifies. The aim is that products can be marketed as their own products by providing the product with an individual logo, label and the identity of the company.

Above you can see our white label solution. The most important advantages are listed below:

🚀 It is quick and easy to implement:

White-label solutions are pre-built, fully customisable solutions that make branding beneficial and easy. By partnering with a white-label software provider, advertisers get to market faster and can thereby offer a product or service to their customers immediately.

💡 It is cost and time efficient:

If you decide to develop your own product from scratch, it takes a lot of time and investment. With an existing product from a white-label service provider, you have the opportunity to save budget for research & development via the white-label solution.

🙌  It lets you do what you do best:

Brands that are forced to do something that is outside their competencies often get poor and unsustainable results. Enthusiasm is a good thing, but in software development, constancy and functionality is usually more important. In this context, white-label platforms and their solutions are ready to use and can generate revenue immediately via those white label solutions. The products are reworked, tested and if a bug occurs, your supplier takes full responsibility for fixing it.

🛂  It's all under the control of your brand 

One of the most important advantages is that you create your own independent brand. With this, you can build on prefabricated software. This allows you to create a unique product. By rebranding a white-label product as your own, you strengthen your brand and therefore your reputation.

✨ The product is functional and flexible

With a white-label, the focus is always on the functionality of the software. Companies using such a solution can easily add a new product or service to their product and service range and react flexibly to a new market or company situation that requires quick action.

🙏 Your customers will thank you:

It is proven that advertisers can gain loyal customers and build stronger relationships with consumers through white-label solutions. This is because your customers are looking for simple and easy ways to be satisfied. With the white-label solution, you can deliver the best solutions to your clients, through simple means, to their satisfaction.

In practise, our customers look like this:

If you want to use our white-label solution or you want to learn more about it, feel free to contact us.

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