Best of Breed vs. Monolithic Systems

Finding the best software solutions philosophy: “Best-of-breed” vs. “monolithic”. What do they mean and what suits your company best?

When you are looking for a software infrastructure that meets your company's needs, the terms "best of breed" and "monolithic" are used regularly. We therefore think it is useful to explain these terms in more detail, as it can be difficult to determine exactly what they mean and how they can work for your company.

Monolithic vs. Best of Breed

A monolithic solution is the idea that there is one suite of software that addresses all areas of the business. The entire organisation would utilise different components of the suite created for their area of the business. The term "Best of Breed" refers to business software and stands for the philosophy of picking the best solution from each application area and integrating it into one's own IT infrastructure instead of relying on one monolithic software provider. Following the approach companies use modules that are most efficient and/or best suited to their processes instead of holistic solutions from one single software provider. 

Unidy: The Best-of-Breed enabler

Unidy enables a best-of-breed setup that’s connected through the central user account and our open User-API. All user data is synchronised throughout the whole best-of-breed platform. On the user-side this leads to a unified brand experience and full data control.

Unidy: Best-of-Breed as the basis for digital value creation

With the Unidy best-of-breed setup that’s connected through the central user account all user data is synchronised making digital value creation possible.

If you want to set up your own best-of-breed platform with Unidy or you want to learn more about it, feel free to contact us.

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Written by
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