Become a platform and own your customer data.

A central brand account enables your users to self-control their data and seamlessly access all digital services via single-sign-on.

A central datahub enables your organisation to synchronize all user data for digital independency and monetization.

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Unidy enables brands to establish a strong access to their customers and fans, offering a white label brand-account and a single-sign-on solution.


Dedicated account section to provide users possibility to easily buy and manage subscriptions and memberships.


Seamless payment integration to improve check-out conversions and connect offline sales.


Unidy can be connected with any CRM to utilise customer data for marketing and sales activities.


Flexible integration into campaigning setups to nurture leads from first touchpoint to full user account.


Unidy can be connected with social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to convert users into own infrastructure.

User groups

Possibility to assign users to specific user groups to provide specific user rights like membership access.


All user consents, opt-ins and service (dis-)connects are stored for full data transparency and user inquiries.


Growing number of existing integrations like CRMs, shop systems, push channels, etc.

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Start growing your digital revenue streams


With the first data point, users are created in your own database and automatically developed into 360-degree profiles.


Once collected, Unidy helps to connect your users with your digital services and offerings to improve user engagement and demand.


Once connected, Unidy helps to convert users into customers and customers into loyal fans.

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