Unidy & Hubspot

Easy setup of your own brand account on the existing Hubspot CRM. With the Hubspot plugin, the integration takes just a few minutes without any development effort.

Unidy complements your setup as a central element between digital offers, channels and the CRM.

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Trusted by numerous Hubspot customers

Your brand becomes a digital platform

We help companies to become a digital platform. We create a central brand account to connect all digital offers and services (SSO). Unidy is thus a central data hub as the basis for digital independence and monetisation.

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Brand account

Central Brand-Account for users

With Unidy you create a central brand account for your user. Your account serves as a central login for all your offers and services.


Connecting all digital services

Unidy offers integrations with all common platforms and services used (e.g. ticketing, merchandise shop, payment, etc.). Your brand account is the central login for all digital offers.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Connecting all communication channels

Transparent and data protection-compliant management of all opt-in consents and communication preferences of the offered channels (email, messenger, push, etc.).


Converting users into loyal customers

Display and SSO-connection of completed and offered subscriptions. Active subscriptions can be used for exclusive (premium) access.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

User pay with the Brand-ID

Payment can be made directly via “ID Pay” by linking the ID to payment options.

All user data in one place

Unidy enables a central aggregation of all user data in your own CRM. In this way, comprehensive profiles are created in Hubspot, which can be continuously enriched with further information.

Unidy is based on the existing CRM setup and can successively connect a large number of other channels. This is how all your services, tools and channels are finally connected. Your individual best-of-breed setup is created with Unidy as the central brand account solution between all user and customer data points.

All data is synchronised bi-directionally. Data and sync preferences are adjustable per data field. There is a self-service cockpit for users. Unidy aggregates all user data from connected services: only one interface is required!

Become a digital platform now

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