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Unidy provides all the features needed to become an independent digital platform and grow into an individual best-of-breed setup. Self-pasted. User focused. Pragmatic. ROI driven.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Brand account

Central account and single-sign-on

A branded user account serves as central self-service and consent management cockpit.

Service connect

Connecting all digital services

All platform and partner services can be connected with central user account to provide seamless user experience and full data control.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Connecting all communication channels

Central opt-in and preference management for users. Flexible integration of new communication channels such as email, messenger, push, etc.


Converting users into loyal customers

Central subscription management helps to convert users into long-term relationships with memberships, premium subscriptions and partner offerings.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

User data cockpit

One central user profile helps to improve user experience and keep user data clean across all services at the same time.


Pay with account

Connecting payment with central brand account enables users to login and pay at the same time for fast check-outs and great user commerce experience.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

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